The man in the white sharkskin suit : my family's exodus from Old Cairo to the New World / Lucette Lagnado

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المؤلف Lagnado, Lucette

العنوان The man in the white sharkskin suit : my family's exodus from Old Cairo to the New World / Lucette Lagnado
بيان الطبعة Ed. 1
بيانات النشر New York, NY: Harper & Brothers, 2007.
الوصف المادي 340 P
المحتويات / النص

Book I: the captain cairo 1942 - 1963
​- Chapter 1: the days and nights of the captain
- Chapter 2: the season of apricots 
- Chapter 3: the lost uncle 
- Chapter 4: the last days of tarboosh
- Chapter 5: the prisoner of of malaka nazki street
- Chapter 6: the essence of a name
- Chapter 7: Alexandra in the promised  land
- Chapter 8: the arabic lesson
- Chapter 9: the lament of the rose petal vendors
- Chapter 10: the cure for cat scratch fever
- Chapter 11: the wayward daughter
- Chapter 12: last call at the dark bar

-Book II:the exile paris and then new york 1963 - 1982
- Chapter 13: the jewel within
- Chapter 14: the missing birthday 
- Chapter 15: the aenglish lesson
- Chapter 16: the wrath of sylvia kirschner
- Chapter 17: the hebrew lesson 
- Chapter 18: the ballad of the tie Salesman
- Chapter 19: waiting for Elijah
- Chapter 20: the Captian at war
- Chapter 21 the house of prayer
- Chapter 22: Olives 
- Chapter 23: the guardian of the orphans of Jerusalem 
- Chapter 24: Psalms for my father


In vivid and graceful prose, Lucette Lagnado re-creates the majesty and cosmopolitan glamour of Cairo in the years before Gamal Abdel Nasser’s rise to power. With Nasser’s nationalization of Egyptian industry, her father, Leon, a boulevardier who conducted business in his white sharkskin suit, loses everything, and departs with the family for any land that will take them. The poverty and hardships they encounter in their flight from Cairo to Paris to New York are strikingly juxtaposed against the beauty and comforts of the lives they left behind.
An inversion of the American dream set against the stunning portraits of three world cities, Lucette Lagnado’s memoir offers a grand and sweeping story of faith, tradition, tragedy, and triumph.

المواضيع Matalon Lagnado, Lucette
Cairo (Egypt) - Biography