The professional chef's knife kit / the Culinary Institute of America

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المؤلف كعنوان Culinary Institute of America

العنوان The professional chef's knife kit / the Culinary Institute of America
بيانات النشر New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2000.
الوصف المادي viii, 150 p : 28 cm ; ill

Rev. ed. of: The professional chef's knife / Learning Resources Center of the Culinary Institute of America, 1978

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THE PROFESSIONAL CHEF'S KNIFE KIT. A Brief History of Cutting Tools. The Parts of a Knife. Knives and Other Important Cutting Tools. Additional Small Tools for the Knife Kit. Large Equipment Used for Cutting. KNIFE SKILLS. Sharpening Knives on a Stone. Honing Knives on a Steel. Preliminary Cuts. Coarse or Rough Cuts. Precision and Portioning Cuts. Decorative Cuts. Special Peeling and Cutting Techniques. Meat Fabrication. Poultry Fabrication. Fish Fabrication. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.


The complete, authoritative guide to knife use and care High quality, well-made, well-maintained knives--and the skills to use them properly--are among a chef's most important assets. This book explains how to use and care for these essential tools. Easy-to-follow instructions cover all of the basic knife cuts and techniques--including peeling, paring, trimming, carving, chopping, dicing, and filleting--and offer an excellent foundation for building speed and ensuring kitchen safety. The book also features invaluable information on small tools, such as rotary peelers and zesters, along with meat grinders, food processors, and other larger equipment. Features 150 photographs that clearly illustrate knife skills

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