Nutrition : competency guide

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chapt 1 Introduction to nutrition chapt 2 Food components chapt 3 body requierments chapt 4 The metabolism chapt 5 Food labeling chapt 6 Nutrition and fitness chapt 7 Investigation in nutrition Carbohydrate-Food-List Protein food list Nutrition : an applied approach
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العنوان Nutrition : competency guide
بيانات النشر [S.l]: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2007.
الوصف المادي xi, 226 p : 28 cm ; col. ill
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'A foundation topic of the NRAEF Certificate program'--Cover

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Chapter 1 Nutritional Cooking — Art and Science · What is Nutrition? · How We Got to This Point · Achieving Nutritious Food Choices · Markets for Nutritious Cooking Skills and Knowledge · Applying Nutrition Principles to Cooking Is Both Art and Science Chapter 2 The Basic Nutrients — Their Importance in Health · Healthy Body Weight · Nutrients—Substances That Nourish the Body · Carbohydrate, Protein, and Lipid · Vitamins and Minerals—The Regulators · Water—The Most Important Nutrient · Nutritional Value of Food · Digestion, Absorption, and Transport of Nutrients Chapter 3 Understanding Nutritional Guidelines and Labeling · A Healthy Diet · Dietary Reference Intakes · Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 · MyPyramid · Nutrition Labeling Implementation and Interpretation Chapter 4 Carbohydrates · Carbohydrate Basics · Simple Carbohydrates: The Sugars · Complex Carbohydrates: Polysaccharides · Dietary Fiber · Digestion, Absorption, and Metabolism of Carbohydrates · Carbohydrates and Health Problems Chapter 5 Proteins · Protein Basics · Proteins and Nutrition · Nutritional Properties of Proteins · Protein Changes during Cooking · Excessive and Insufficient Protein in the Diet · Dietary Requirements for Protein Chapter 6 Lipids · Lipids: Structure and Function · The Role of Lipids in the Body · Cooking with Fats and Oils · Dietary Intakes of Lipids · Lipid Digestion and Absorption · Lipids and Health Chapter 7 Vitamins, Minerals, and Water · What Are Vitamins and Minerals? · Vitamins in the Diet · Minerals in the Diet · Retaining Vitamins and Minerals When Cooking · Supplementation of Vitamins and Minerals · Water in the Diet Chapter 8 Food with Nutritional Appeal · Growing Nutritious Food · Harvesting, Transporting, and Processing Nutritious Food · Receiving, Storing, and Preparing Nutritious Food · Cooking Nutritious Food Chapter 9 Cooking and Eating More Healthfully · How People Taste Food · Cooking More Healthfully · Adapting Recipes for Good Nutrition Chapter 10 Eating in the United States · A Healthy Diet · The American Diet · Special Diets · Popular Fad Diets · Herbs and Herbal Supplements · Relationship of Diet and Exercise · Weight-Loss Diets · Health Risks of American Diets · Food Additives—Their Role and Impact · Allergens in Food Items Field Project Index

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