The Culinary Professional


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المؤلف Draz, John

العنوان The Culinary Professional
بيان الطبعة Ed. 3
بيانات النشر Illinois: The Goodheart - willcox company, 2014.
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المحتويات / النص 1. Welcome to the Foodservice Industry 2. Understanding Foodservice Operations 3. Workstations in the Professional Kitchen 4. The Professional Chef 5. Sanitation Hazards 6. Sanitation Procedures 7. Safety in the Kitchen 8. Knives and Hand Tools in the Professional Kitchen 9. Knife Skills 10. Smallwares 11. Large Equipment 12. Using Recipes 13. Basic PreparationsMise en Place 14. Kitchen Staples 15. Cooking Principles 16. Salads and Dressings 17. Fruit Identification 18. Fruit Preparation 19. Cold Sandwiches 20. Stocks 21. Sauces 22. Soups 23. Vegetable Identification 24. Vegetable Cookery 25. Starch Identification 26. Starch Cookery 27. Meat and Poultry Identification 28. Basic Meat and Poultry Preparation 29. Dry-Heat Cooking Methods for Meat and Poultry 30. Moist-Heat and Combination Cooking Methods for Meat and Poultry 31. Fish and Shellfish Identification 32. Fish and Shellfish Preparation and Cookery 33. Hot Sandwiches and Pizza 34. Dairy and Egg Identification 35. Breakfast Cookery 36. Introduction to the Bakeshop 37. Quick Breads and Batters 38. Cookies 39. Yeast-Raised Products 40. Pies and Tarts 41. Cakes 42. Custards, Foams, and Buttercreams 43. Dessert Sauces and Frozen Desserts 44. Food Presentation 45. Table Service 46. Entering the Workforce 47. Culinary History 48. Nutrition 49. Managing Resources 50. Menus 51. Developing Taste
المستخلص The Culinary Professional provides students with a comprehensive explanation of culinary techniques, identification of the vast array of equipment and foods used in a professional kitchen, and an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to manage a foodservice operation. This book gives students the basics for working in a foodservice operation as well as an excellent foundation for the study of classical cuisine. Careers in the culinary arts and a brief overview of the industry are also covered. * Step-by-step techniques for essential culinary skills. * Over 1,000 illustrations. * Repeated features on history, workplace issues, safety and sanitation, science and technology, culture, culinary tips, trends, health, and math. * Chapter activities on workplace math, problem-solving, and criticalthinking challenges, as well as minilabs. * Chapter on culinary history. * Bound-in student CD provides illustrated activities, primal cuts activities, recipes, and more.

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