Professional cooking / Wayne Gisslen ; photography by J. Gerard Smith


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رقم التسجيلة 4869
نوع المادة book
ردمك 9780470197523
رقم الطلب TX820.G54
المؤلف Gisslen, Wayne

العنوان Professional cooking / Wayne Gisslen ; photography by J. Gerard Smith
بيان الطبعة 7th ed
بيانات النشر Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
الوصف المادي xxxi, 1088 p : 29 cm ; chiefly col. ill
ملاحظات Includes bibliographical references (p. 1059-1060) and indexes
المحتويات / النص - Chapter 1: The Food Service Industry. - Chapter 2: Sanitation and Safety. - Chapter 3: Tools and Equipment. - Chapter 4: Basic Principles of Cooking and Food Science. - Chapter 5: Menus, Recipes, and Cost Management. - Chapter 6: Nutrition. - Chapter 7: Mise en Place. - Chapter 8: Stocks and Sauces. - Chapter 9: Soups. - Chapter 10: Understanding Meats and Game. - Chapter 11: Cooking Meats and Game. - Chapter 12: Understanding Poultry and Game Birds. - Chapter 13: Cooking Poultry and Game Birds. - Chapter 14: Understanding Fish and Shellfish. - Chapter 15: Cooking Fish and Shellfish. - Chapter 16: Understanding Vegetables. - Chapter 17: Cooking Vegetables. - Chapter 18: Potatoes. - Chapter 19: Legumes, Grains, Pasta, and Other Starches. - Chapter 20: Cooking for Vegetarian Diets. - Chapter 21: Salad Dressings and Salads. - Chapter 22: Sandwiches. - Chapter 23: Hors d'Oeuvres. - Chapter 24: Breakfast Preparation. - Chapter 25: Dairy and Beverages. - Chapter 26: Sausages and Cured Foods. - Chapter 27: Pâtés, Terrines, and Other Cold Foods. - Chapter 28: Food Presentation and Garnish. - Chapter 29: Bakeshop Production: Basic Principles and Ingredients. - Chapter 30: Yeast Products. - Chapter 31: Quick Breads. - Chapter 32: Cakes and Icings. - Chapter 33: Cookies. - Chapter 34: Pies and Pastries. - Chapter 35: Creams, Custards, Puddings, Frozen Desserts, and Sauces. - Appendix 1: Metric Conversion Factors. - Appendix 2: Standard Can Sizes. - Appendix 3: Approximate Weight-Volume Equivalents of Dry Foods. - Appendix 4: Kitchen Math Exercises: Metric Versions. - Appendix 5: Eggs and Safety. - Bibliography. - Glossary and Cooking Vocabular.
المستخلص Packed with more than 650 recipes plus 600 variations and more information than ever before, the Seventh Edition of this cornerstone professional resource offers complete, step-by-step instruction in cooking principles and the techniques necessary for success as a professional chef. Wayne Gisslen's Professional Cooking has been used by hundreds of thousands of chefs to master the basics of their craft, including knife skills, knowledge of ingredients, and plating techniques. More than 100 new recipes, including fresh ideas for meats, poultry, vegetables, and grains, as well as an increased focus on international recipes Updated information on the latest nutrition guidelines and enhanced coverage of topics including food science, molecular gastronomy, and culinary math More than 1,000 instructive illustrations and photos, including more than 220 all-new color photos highlighting new recipes and procedures Wayne Gisslen is also the author of Advanced Professional Cooking, Professional Baking, and The Chef's Art, all from Wiley Whether you are studying or training in professional food preparation or just want to take your home cooking to a higher level, this authoritative text is your essential guide to all the most vital professional techniques.
المواضيع Quantity cooking
Food service

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