The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture . / by John Fleming, Hugh Honour, Nikolaus Pevsner


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رقم التسجيلة 2231
نوع المادة Reference
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رقم الطلب Ref NA31.F55
المؤلف Fleming, John

العنوان The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture . / by John Fleming, Hugh Honour, Nikolaus Pevsner
بيان الطبعة 5th ed
بيانات النشر London: Penguin Books, 1999.
الوصف المادي vii, 644 p ; ill,b&w,pb
بيان السلسلة Penguin reference books
ملاحظات Includes bibliographical references
المستخلص A completely updated and revised edition of the classic reference work on architecture--now expanded with entries on landscape architecture. This is a major revision and expansion of what has long been recognized as a basic reference in its field. Besides updating the existing text, the authors have broadened the book by including many new entries on landscape architecture as well as by significantly increasing their treatment of American architects and architecture. This is a highly readable work, worldwide in scope, covering architecture from ancient times to the present. Major entries on key individuals, styles, movements, materials, and terms range up to several pages in length and include cross references and bibliographies for further reading. This is an essential addition to the reference shelf of every architectural student and buff. "Commendably wide in scope . . . special care has been taken to make the definitions and terminology as close and consistent as possible."-- Architect and Surveyor "Immensely useful, succinct and judicious . . . this is a book rich in accurate fact and accumulated wisdom."-- The Times Literary Supplement "A magnificent panorama of world architecture, scholarly conciseness at its best."-- Art Review About the Authors Hugh Honour was educated at St. Catherine's College, Cambridge. His previous books include Neo-Classicism and Romanticism. John Fleming was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and wrote the prize-winning Robert Adam and His Circle, in addition to collaborating with Honour on the Dictionary of Decorative Arts and A World History of Art. The late sir Nikolaus Pevsner was Professor of History of Art at the University of London. -
المواضيع Architecture - Dictionaries
Landscape architecture - Dictionaries

الأسماء المرتبطة Honour, Hugh
Pevsner, Nikolaus

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